Upon acquiring a Mini Athletics franchise, you’ll be granted exclusive marketing and operational rights within a designated collection of eircode.

At Mini Athletics, we firmly believe that a thoughtfully crafted territory serves as a robust foundation for success, ensuring a well-balanced customer distribution and maximizing growth potential.

Eircode Analysis

Each franchise area consists of a collection of Eircode. We conduct extensive research to gather data on eircode areas, including their demographic information, socio-economic profiles, and population density.

Affluence of Area

We recognise that the affluence of an area plays a crucial role in determining the potential customer base and revenue opportunities. By evaluating the affluence levels of different postcodes, we can allocate territories that align with our franchisees’ business objectives.

Number of 0-8 Year Olds

By considering the population of 0-8 year olds in each area, we gain valuable insights into potential demand for our programs and the overall viability of establishing a new franchise. This data allows us to make informed decisions and create territories that have the potential to be successful and impactful.

Through the implementation of a strategic methodology that takes into account factors such as area affluence, the population of 0-7 year-olds, overall population size, and personalized territory design, our objective is to build a network of successful franchisees. We are confident that our detailed territory plotting process lays the groundwork for our franchisees to attain their objectives and establish robust positions in their specific markets.

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